Welcome to the IFR Challenge Series

This will test all your skills and senses of aircraft flying abilities. These will not be scenery flights as visibility will be near zero where you will have to rely on watching your instruments more than looking out the wind screen. So if you are up for the challenge and expanding your skills join me on this challenging series.

Click image above to proceed...

You say,

    "Connect to Come Fly With Me."
Michelle asks,

    "Captain, what channel will we be using?"
You say,

    "Channel 1."  (Options are 1 through 16)
You hear,

    "Please connect to FSHost.
    The password is...
Michelle provides you with the FSHost Password

BINGO... You're flying and speaking with your buddies!

Hold down the LEFT SHIFT key to talk on Channel 1. (Push-to-talk)

If you are new to the world of Multiplayer flying, then we strongly recommend that you click on the Overview button below to understand the intent of this IYP feature.

If you are already intimately familiar with Multiplayer flying, then you can proceed directly to the FS9 or FSX setup by clicking on the respective buttons below.


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