It is an AWESOME freeware application developed for the Flight Sim Community by Russel Gilbert.   It is one of the best programs I've come across for interconnecting FS9 and FSX simulators within a multiplayer environment.   On behalf of all IYP simmers, let me extend my sincere thanks to Russell for his tremendous contributions to the flight sim world.

Russell's FSHost is PostcardWare!

If you have as much satisfaction as I do using Russell's remarkable FSHost software, then PLEASE take the time to send him a Postcard. Russell writes...

If this program made your day, then you can make my day by mailing me a postcard from wherever you live. You can write anything you want on the postcard, or nothing at all. I'll put it on my refrigerator, and then when my friends come over, I'll say, "Look, there's somebody living there that's using my program!" How cool would that be? :-)

So, let's show Russell how much we appreciate his efferts and make him get a BIGGER refrigerator!   In fact, let's cover the walls of his house!

Send a Postcard to:

    Russell Gilbert
    15695 Spectrum Drive #2401
    Addison, TX 75001