A number of It's Your Plane users have requested that we more tightly integrate IYP with the Multiplayer Mode.

So, in response to these requests, IYP proudly releases:

Come Fly With Me ... a perfectly natural extension of the IYP experience.

What Exactly is Come Fly With Me?

Many IYP users already fly together in the Multiplayer Mode using programmes like FSHost and TeamSpeak.   There's nothing new here!

However, installation and setup problems have continued to challenge less-technically knowledgable users. Put in simpler terms, setting up Multiplayer sessions can become aggravating due to a myriad of technical considerations.

Do these questions sound familiar...

    "Who's going to host the Multiplayer Session this weekend?"

    "Where's Bill? He was supposed to setup the session by 9 o'clock. Does anyone know where he is?"

Here's a typical post you'll see within many forums on the Net...

Can anybody help me? I have tried endless amounts of times to host a Multiplayer session. However, once it loads up, no-one ever joins and I get dumped and asked if want to choose single player mode! My setup seems to be OK, so I'm confused. Please can somebody help me?

So, in response to the question,

    "What exactly is Come Fly With Me?"

the simple answer is...

    "It's a dramatically simplified way to setup Multiplayer flying, participation and enjoyment!"

Come Fly With Me is a perfectly natural extension of the IYP experience.

FSHosting Problems Gone!

Say "Goodbye" to hosting headaches that Home-Based Multiplayer Sessions so often experience. No longer do you need to deal with e-mailing others with your latest "dynamic" IP address.

We have installed your FSHost service on our IYP servers with a static IP address, that never changes! Therefore, you no longer have to struggle installing and setting up an FSHost server application on a home-based PC; FSHost is running 24/7 with a dedicated IP address on one of our IYP servers.

What Exactly is FSHost?

It is an AWESOME freeware application developed for the Flight Sim Community by Russel Gilbert.   It is one of the best programs I've come across for interconnecting FS9 and FSX simulators within a multiplayer environment.   On behalf of all IYP simmers, let me extend my sincere thanks to Russell for his tremendous contributions to the flight sim world.

Russell also wrote a very comprehensive overview of multiplayer simulated flying entitled:

If you are new to this subject matter, I strongly suggest that you review the aforementioned tutorial.

Connecting to the Come Fly With Me Server

When you say the phrase...

    "Connect to Come Fly With Me"

Michelle will ask...

    "What Channel will we be using?"

Typically you would respond with (e.g.),

    "Chennel one".

(NOTE: The available channels are 1 through 16.)

Michelle will then say...

    "Please connect to FSHost. The password is..."

followed by the FSHost Password.

FSHost Client-Side!


  1. Select the simulator's Multiplayer mode, under the menu item Flights > Multiplayer > Connect.
  2. Press Client Settings and ensure that the Default Ports (23456) are selected
  3. Enter your Screen Name under Player Name
  4. Enter the value in the IP Address.
  5. Press the Search button
  6. Look for "Come Fly With Me" in the Session comments
  7. Press the Join button
  8. Enter the FSHost Password
  9. Press OK
(see the Setting up FS9 for details)

If you are flying FSX, then you will need to use Russell Gilbert's FSHost Client which basically emulates the FS9 connectivity; i.e. FS9 and FSX pilots are able to fly together in the same session.

  1. Download and Install Russell Gilbert's FSClient
  2. Launch FSHost Client
  3. Enter your Screen Name under Player Name
  4. Enter the value in the IP Address.
  5. Enter Port 23456 in the Connect Port
  6. Press the Search IP for sessions button
  7. Look for "Come Fly With Me" in the Sessions found area
  8. Enter the FSHost Password
  9. Press Connect
(see the Setting up FSX for details)
TeamSpeak Voice Communications!

IYP hosts a Teamspeak server that permits IYP pilots to talk to each other while flying together in a session. There are 16 session channels supported, and on any channel there can be up to 16 pilots.

In traditional multiplayer setup environments, there are a lot of details that need to be addressed before anyone can take to the air. By contrast, IYP hosts both FSHost and TeamSpeak, and since IYP is a program based upon voice recognition, it permits you to simply say...

    "Connect to Come Fly With Me!"

Whose Flying Where? What Channel Are They On?

IYP's build-in Flight Tracker shows the current latitude and longitude of each pilot flying with IYP. The Session Chart on the IYP Home pages shows (in yellow) who are flying together and on what channel they are communicating.

From the numerous e-mails I routinely receive from satisfied users of IYP I know how much you all enjoy the experience... and that makes me extremely happy!