Setting Up FSX

Here's What Your Need To Do...

Upgrade to the Latest IYP Version
Install FSHostClient   so that your simulator can connect to the IYP FSHost server
Install TeamSpeak Client   so that you can communicate by voice with other IYP simmers!

Setting Up Your FSHost Connection
In order to use Come Fly With Me in FSX, you need to download and install Russell Gilbert's FSHostClient which basically emulates the FS9 connectivity, i.e. FS9 and FSX pilots are able to fly together in the same session.

I have been unable to automate this process. Hence, you need to manually connect to the FSHost server.


After you download and install the FSHostClient, you will see a README.TXT file in the application folder. It reads:

FSHostClient 1.1
Copyright (c) 2006-2007 Russell Gilbert

Please see the web site for detailed information about what's new in each release.


- Extract all files in the downloaded zip file to any directory. (For example: "C:\Program Files\FSHostClient" would be fine)

- Run the program (FSHostClient.exe) from the directory you extracted the files to.

- Make sure FSX is in "windowed" mode, not "Full Screen". At the moment, you need to have FSX in "windowed" mode in order to see the various popup windows from FSHostClient (chat, multiplayer connect, etc.). You can maximize the FSX window by clicking the middle button up in the right corner, but be sure the "Full Screen" option under the View menu is not checked. (press the Alt key if you don't see the menu bar in FSX).

- Disable local AI traffic in FSX. (Options / Settings / Display / Traffic tab, set "Airline" and "General Aviation" traffic to zero)

- Turn on player names over their aircraft. To do this in FSX, click the Options menu, select Settings, then Display, then click the Traffic tab. You can turn information on and off in the "Aircraft labels" section on the right. Be sure to turn on "Tail number", in order to see the other players' names.

- Connect FSX to an FSHost server. There are two ways to do this. In FSX, start a flight so you're in a plane, then click the Add-ons menu, select FSHostClient, and then "Multiplayer Connect". Or if you want to connect before starting a flight, use the FSHostClient window and click the Multiplayer menu, and select "Connect to session" (or just click Ctrl-M). To disconnect from within FSX, click the Add-ons menu, select FSHostClient, and then "Multiplayer Disconnect". Or in FSHostClient, click the Multiplayer menu and select "Disconnect from session" (or just click Ctrl-D). Works with existing FSHost servers, no upgrade is currently required for FSHost, although a new FSHost will be available later to take advantage of new features in FSX and FSHostClient.

Please follow the above instructions to setup the FSHostClient.


Please download and RUN this test application to ensure that your port settings and forwarding are properly set BEFORE joining a session:

After running this test, this is what you should see:

If you receive any errors, please click this link and follow the instructions on how to setup the ports:

Run the FSHostClient programme and perform the following:

Setting Up TeamSpeak

Download and install the latest TeamSpeak 3 Client.

Install Teamspeak 3 using all of the default settings. After installing the TeamSpeak 3 Client, run the programme.

Once the application appears, a Wizard should appear. If not, then select Settings, followed by Setup Wizard.

    When asked for your Nickname, enter your 5-digit IYP Pilot number. Don't remember? Ask Michelle, "What is my Pilot Number?" or look on the Flight Tracker.

    On the next page, select the Push-To-Talk radio button. Press the Key Assignment button, then press the LEFT SHIFT key.

      EXTREMELY IMPORTANT: It is critical that you use the LEFT SHIFT KEY and no other. This is because the IYP software uses LEFT SHIFT depressions to turn OFF the Speech Recognition. Without this feature, Michelle may inadvertently detect a phrase that you use while conversing with other pilots, and start changing aircraft settings! Who know what could happen?

      Please refer to PAGE 186 of the IYP Users' manual for additonal information.

    On the next page, press the LEFT SHIFT key and test your microphone levels.

    On the next page, you can ignore this capability, or assignd a key to MUTE your Teamspeak audio.

    On the next page, you can set things up as you wish.

    On the last page, UN-CHECK ALL of the boxes.

If the Teamspeak client has disappeared from your desktop, simply right-click on the Teamspeak icon in the system tray and select Show.


IYP let's you use BOTH TeamSpeak 2 and TeamSpeak 3. The DEFAULT is the legacy TeamSpeak 2. So, once you launch the IYP application, and Michelle says... "Captain, It's Your Plane... we're ready to go", select the TeamSpeak system you wish to use by saying either...

    "Use TeamSpeak 2", or
    "Use TeamSpeak 3"

Like many other IYP settings, this selection is "REMEMBERED". Meaning, once selected, it will REMAIN as set on subsequent launches of IYP.

That's it... you're all set.

Now Let's Go Flying With Other IYP Simmers!
  1. Start the It's Your Plane programme
  2. Launch your Simulator
  3. Park your aircraft at the departing airport
  4. Wait till you hear, "Captain, it's your plane... we're ready to go!"
  5. Say, "Make the Origination airport [ICAO]". For example, "Make the origination airport Charlie Yankee Charlie Whiskey."
  6. Say, "Make the Destination airport [ICAO]". For example, "Make the destination airport Kilo Oscar Romeo Sierra."
  7. Say, "Connect to Come Fly With Me"
  8. Michelle/Mike will ask you for the Channel Number
  9. Say, "Channel [number]" (based upon the pre-arranged session's meeting channel [1-16])
  10. The system will automatically launch Team Speak 2, and you will hear, "Link engaged".
  11. Michelle/Mike will then say, "Please connect to FS Host. The Password is [xxx]."
    NOTE: This password changes randomly from time to time.
  12. Michelle/Mike will then say, "When you have finished your session, please say, Disconnect from FS Host."
    "The simulator has been restored and is now in view."
  13. Launch the FSHostClient programme and enter the required information (as detailed above).
  14. Hold down the LEFT SHIFT KEY to speak with others
  15. Say, "Disconnect from Come Fly With Me" to close the session, then close FS Host Client.
If you have pre-arranged a fly time with a few of your friends, and you've agreed to meet on a certain Channel at a certain time, then simply go to the departure airport and say, "Connect to Come Fly With Me".

Perhaps you've seen an IYP simmer on the Home page of the IYP Website displayed in YELLOW, and you'd like to fly with them. Get their Channel Number from the Channel column and their general location by looking at them in the Flight Tracker, then hop in your plane and say, "Connect to Come Fly With Me".

That's all there is to it. Have fun!